How it works

Once you Enroll one of our experts will help you obtain your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Since each client’s case is unique, we will collect specific information regarding your particular circumstances for each item in question. Most companies charge monthly and the longer they take for results the more $$$ they make. We charge a flat fee and achieve results quickly.


The expert assigned to your case will review your credit reports and then direct appropriate correspondence to our processing team and the credit bureaus. Your credit report items are carefully audited, analyzed and matched with just the right credit repair strategies as applicable to your case.

Credit Score Analyses

Our clients receive a personalized credit score improvement analysis each month, including targeted information that may help to raise their credit scores. In addition, our experts are available by phone, email, or website chat to provide helpful coaching regarding additional credit score improvement tips.

Lastly, Be sure to send us any responses you may receive from the credit bureaus or creditors. You can track your case and monitor your results 24/7 with our easy to use website


** NOTE- Many credit services charge you monthly and the longer they take for completion the more they make! We charge a flat fee, and our goal is to have RESULTS as fast as possible!

We have plans for all budgets; just give us a call to arrange an affordable plan. These are our most common plans with fastest RESULTS!

 Platinum Plan- One Person- $149 Enrollment Includes audit, analysis and setup. 6 monthly payments of $99

 GOLD Plan- Two people- $199 enrollment, audit, analysis and setup for Two. 5 monthly payments of $159.